Big Red Media 004

Fred Ho & Quincy Saul present
The Music of Cal Massey a Tribute

Conducted by Whitney George

Bobby Zankel, alto sax; Bhinda Keidel and Salim Washington, tenor saxes and other woodwinds; Ben Barson, baritone sax; Jackie Coleman, Nabate Isles, Jameson Chandler (trumpets); Frank Kuumba Lacy, Aaron Johnson (trombones); Art Hirahara, piano; Wes Brown, bass; royal hartigan (drums and African percussion); Melanie Dyer, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello.


JB Floyd
Another Time and Place

JB Floyd, Yamaha Disklavier; Liana Pailodze, Yamaha Disklavier

A Jb Floyd Keyboard Retrospective

Dan Joseph
Tonalization (for the afterlife)

Wind Patterns; Music Primer
Dan Joseph Ensemble: Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer); Tom Chiu (violin), Loren Dempster (cello); Marija Ilic (harpsichord); Leah Paul (flute); Danny Tunick (percussion). Special guest Thomas Buckner (baritone).

Big Red Media 003

Fred Ho and The Green Monster
Big Band
The Sweet Science Suite:
A Scientific Soul Music Honoring Of Muhammad Ali

Conducted by Whitney George

Big Red Media 002

Fred Ho and The Saxophone Liberation Front

Snake-Eaters debuts Fred Ho's Saxophone Liberation Front, featuring composer Ho on baritone saxophone and Hafez Modirzadeh (soprano), Bobby Zankel (alto) and Salim Washington (tenor).

Ostravská banda
On Tour

Petr Kotík - conductor, Hana Kotková - violin, Thomas Buckner -baritone,
Joseph Kubera - piano, Gregory Purnhagen - baritone

Bun-Ching Lam
Heidelberg Concerts

Min Xiao-Fen, pipa; Susanne Serfling, soprano; Willi Fischer, saxophone; Cfaba Asboth, trombone; Naoko Kikuchi, koto; Bernd Mallasch, percussion; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Isabelle Courret, harp; Angelika Bender, flute; Wolfgang Wendel, dizi/xiao; Mariette Leners, viola; Zhang Zhenfang, erhu; Xu Fengxia, Zheng; Jeanne Marie Conquer, violin; Dimitri Vassilakis, piano; Gilles Durot, percussion; Bun-Ching Lam, conductor


Mari Kimura
The World Below G and Beyond

Works for Violin Subharmonics and interactive computer


Robert Dick & Thomas Buckner
Flutes & Voices

Robert Dick, Bass Flute
Thomas Buckner, Voices



Trio Scordatura: Elizabeth Smalt, Viola; Alfrun Scmid, Voice; Bob Gilmore, Keyboard
Lisa Barnard Kelley, Voice
Monique Buzzarte, Trombone
Tom Hamilton, Nord Modular Synthesizer
Jacqueline Martelle, Flute
Al Margolis, Computer


J D Parran
Window Spirits

Recorded live March 27th 2009 at Balal Gallery Kampo Cultural Center NYC. Refresh concert series curated by Pheeroan Aklaf and produced by Kampo.


Jerome Cooper
A Magical Approach

This recording is dedicated to the memory of Capt. Walter D. Dyett of Du Sable High School (1901 - 1970)

Big Red Media 001

Fred Ho and The Green Monster
Big Band
Celestial Green Monster

Fred Ho, leader/baritone sax; Bobby Zankel, Jim Hobbs, alto sax; Hafez Modirzadeh, Salim Washington, tenor sax; Stanton Davis, Brian Kilpatrick, Amir Elsaffar, trumpet; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet; Robert Pilkington, Marty Wehner, Richard Harper, trombone; Earl MacIntyre, David Harris, contrabass trombone; Art Hirahara, piano, electronic keyboard; Wes Brown, electric and acoustic bass; Royal Hartigan, drum set


Connie Crothers / Michael Bisio
Session at 475 Kent

Connie Crothers, piano
Michael Bisio, bass


Muhal Richard Abrams /
Roscoe Mitchell

Janácek Philharmonic
Petr Kotik, conductor
Thomas Buckner, baritone

Music By JB Floyd
In Crossing The Busy Street

JB Floyd, piano; Thomas Buckner, baritone; George Marsh, drums

Piano & Voice Piano & Drums


Borah Bergman / Stefano Pastor
Live At Tortona

Spirit Song; When Autumn Comes; Wellspring; Crescent; The Mighty Oak
Borah Bergman, piano; Stefano Pastor, violin


Tom Hamilton -
Local Customs

Jacqueline Martelle, flute; Richard Cohen, clarinets; James Martin,
trombone; Terry Kippenberger, contrabass; Rich O¹Donnell, percussion; Tom
Hamilton, electronic harmony generator


Revolutionary Ensemble -
Beyond the Boundary of Time

Leroy Jenkins - Violin
Sirone - Bass
Jerome Cooper - Drums, Balaphone, Chiramia, Yamaha PSR 1500

Recorded in concert, May 25, 2005, Warsaw, Poland
This recording is dedicated in memory of Leroy Jenkins (1932-2007)


Kirili et les Nymphéas -
Hommage à Monet

Improvised music at the Musée de l¹Orangerie

Music performed by:
Jerome Bourdellon - flutes, bass clarinet
Thomas Buckner - baritone
Dalila Khatir- soprano
Roscoe Mitchell - alto & soprano saxophones


Nils Bultmann - Terminally Unique

Nils Bultmann: Viola, Keyboards, Wurlitzer, breath and vocals Roscoe Mitchell: Tenor saxophone: track 2, 3, & 14: flute: track 8 Parry Karp: Cello: track 3, 4 and 5; Paddy Cassidy: Djembe: track 3

"Blue" Gene Tyranny -
The Somewhere Songs

The Somewhere Songs, for baritone, environmental, and electronic sounds:Thomas Buckner, baritone voice The Invention of Memory, for baritone, string ensemble, guitar, and piano: Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano


Thomas Buckner - New Music for Baritone & Chamber Ensemble

s.e.m. ensemble
luminescence - annea lockwood
canto - tania leon
conceptuality/life - petr kotik


Timeless Pulse - Quintet

Timeless Pulse: Thomas Buckner, voice; George Marsh, percussion; Pauline Oliveros, accordion;
David Wessel, live-electronics; Jennifer Wilsey, percussion

Jerome Bourdellon + Thomas Buckner

Jérôme Bourdellon, flutes and shakuhachi and Thomas Buckner, voice Improvisations with the sculpture of Alain Kirili

Dan Joseph

The Dan Joseph Ensemble: Tom Chiu (violin), Michael Lowenstern (clarinet), Danny Tunick (percussion), Marija Ilic (harpsichord), Loren Dempster (cello), Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer)

"A major player on the New York new-music scene...." - Time Out New York

The Indian Parrot
W. A. Mathieu

A Parrot, Three Fish, and a Donkey for three singers and small ensemble; Gourd Music for piano solo; The Blind Beekeeper for baritone and piano Thomas Buckner, baritone; Joseph Kubera, piano; Devi Mathieu, soprano; Suzanne Elder-Wallace, alto; Bob Afifi, alto flute; Shira Kammen, iola; Daniel Kennedy, frame drums


The Art of Improvisation
Leroy Jenkins' Driftwood

This glorious new of release by Leroy Jenkins' Driftwood was recorded on October 8, 2004 at a Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) concert and features Jenkins (violin), Min Xiao-Fen (pipa), Denman Maroney (piano), and Rich O'Donnell (percussion).


Thomas Buckner, Mel Graves, George Marsh

Buckner - Voice
Graves - Bass
Marsh - Percussion

This project is the product of over thirty years of musical collaboration and personal friendships.


5 Saxophone Solos
Earl Howard

"Earl Howard has made some kind of connection here — a new set of soliloquies. dialogues. in one case almost polylogues. his own voice somewhat delicate and innocent. forged from old hard rules. letters of the law not broken just reinterpreted. reinvented with an almost reverential melancholic solace. ballads well mixed, served to the brim & sipped gently." -Steve Dalachinsky NYC 1/05


Thomas Buckner

Thomas Buckner, voice. 3 improvisations: alone; with David Darling, cello; with Borah Bergman, piano a composition: ILEX with Earl Howard, composer and electronics; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Wu Man, pipa

"My introduction to performing contemporary music was through free improvisation, back in 1965. An early influence was the Art Ensemble of Chicago whom I first heard in 1968. My solo piece is part of that lifelong preoccupation with solo improvisation." - TB


Acts of Love
Bergman, Coxhill & Hession

Borah Bergman, Piano
Lol Coxhill, Soprano Saxophone
Paul Hession, Drums


Game | No Game
George Marsh, W. A. Mathieu

Viola Spolin characterized the original theater games she introduced as "…a timeless moment when all are mutually engaged in experience. You don't know what's going to happen, and that's where the joy is, the everlasting spiral."

George Marsh - percussion, W. A. Mathieu - piano



Suitable for Framing
David Rosenboom,
J.B. Floyd & Trichy Sankaran

Forms of freedom for two pianos and mrdangam

David Rosenboom and J. B. Floyd, pianos;
Trichy Sankaran, mrdangam and kanjira



Noah Creshevsky

Hyperrealism is an electroacoustic musical language constructed from sounds that are found in our shared environment ("realism"), handled in ways that are somehow exaggerated or excessive ("hyper").

17515 - 3 CDs

Solo [3]
Roscoe Mitchell

Sudden music! All alone, unprotected, Roscoe Mitchell confronts Silence: the void, the vast unknown. 3 CDs for the price of 2


The Psyche
Revolutionary Ensemble

Leroy Jenkins(violin), Sirone (bass), Jerome Cooper (drums, piano)

"it's a joy and a revelation to finally hear this album." - John Litweiler (from liner notes)

Long awaited reissue of .the Revolutionary Ensemble's1975 album. The Psyche.


Guitar Music of Villa-Lobos
Joseph Bacon, guitarist

Recorded at Montgomery Chapel, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California. This recording was produced in M-S stereo using a Neumann SM-69 microphone and was recorded using Dolby process.
Recording engineer: Bob Shumaker

Lp was originally released as1750 Arch Records S-1771


Transporting Transmittance
Music of JB Floyd

A Transporting Transmittance for Transverse Flute and Disklavier, From - A Hundred Little 3-D Pitctures, Improvisations on Robert Ashley's "el/Aficionado" for Disklavier, Solos and Sequences II.

J.B. Floyd - piano, Thomas Buckner - baritone,
Lisa Hansen - Flute


Earl Howard
Strong Force

Parabola Arts Ensemble: Anthony Davis - piano, Gery Hemingway - percussion, Earl Howard - synthesizer, Anne LeBaron - harp, Ernest Reijseger - cello.

Recorded live at Merkin Hall, NYC, November 18, 1999


Ear Shot
The Music of Mel Graves

Ear Shot, Picturing You, For Smith, Revisiting Higgins, Missing You, 3 and 7, Heads and Tails, Time to Push Restart, For Bertram, Conversation Piece, Over the Top.

Featuring: Bob Afifi - flutes, Harvey Wainapel - Tenor Saxophone, Randy Vincent - Guitar, George Marsh - Drums


Jerome Cooper & Thomas Buckner
Alone, Together, Apart

Jerome Cooper - Multi-dimensional drums
Thomas Buckner - Full spectrum voice

17508 - 2 CDs

Randy Weston
Ancient Future

Ancient Future, Roots of the Nile, Kom Ombo, Bambara, Portrait of Oum Keltoum, Ballad for T., Isis, 8 Blues for CB, PCN, It Don't Mean a Thing, Body and Soul, Double Duke Pt. 1, Out of the Past, Double Duke Pt. 2, Come Sunday, Sketch of Melba
Randy Weston, Piano


Thomas Buckner &
Tom Hamilton
Jump the Circle
Jump the Line

Improvised music for voice and electronics
Vocal music by Thomas Buckner
Electronic music and voice processing by Tom Hamilton


Jerome Cooper -
From There to Hear

Bantul, Variations of a Theme, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Monk Funk, My Life, The Indonesian


Roscoe Mitchell & Thomas Buckner -
8 O'Clock: Two Improvisations

Thomas Buckner, voice; Roscoe Mitchell, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, percussion, flute


Big Black -
Ethnic Fusion

Big Black, tumbas and bongos; Anthony Wheaton, guitar


Mel Graves -
Day of Love

Day of Love
Text by Pablo Neruda; Bob Afifi, flute; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Mel Graves, bass
Global Village
ETHEL: Ralph Farris, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Todd Reynolds, violin; Mary Rowell, violin


Muhal Richard Abrams -
The Visibility of Thought

Duet for Contrabass and Piano, Duet for Violin and Piano, Baritone Voice and String Quartet, Piano Duet #1, The Visibility of Thought, Piano Improvisation Muhal Richard Abrams, Thomas Buckner, Philip Bush, Jon Deak, Mark Feldman, Joseph Kubera, ETHEL: Ralph Farris, Dorothy Lawson, Todd Reynolds, Mary Rowell

17501 - 2CDs

Space - New Music for Woodwinds and Voice/An Interesting Breakfast Conversation

Roscoe Mitchell, Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass, Saxophones, Eb Soprano Clarinet; Thomas Buckner, Extended Voice; Gerald Oshita, Straight Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Saxophones, Contrabass Sarrusaphone, Conn-o-sax