Mutable Music, the label of new music baritone Thomas Buckner, founder of the legendary 1750 Arch Records, will release recordings that promote creative contemporary music, with the hope and desire to expand its audience and repertoire. A major focus of the label will be recordings that feature contemporary composer/performers, in both composed and improvisational settings.
New Release

Fred Ho & Quincy Saul present
The Music of Cal Massey a Tribute

Conducted by Whitney George

Bobby Zankel, alto sax; Bhinda Keidel and Salim Washington, tenor saxes and other woodwinds;
Ben Barson, baritone sax; Jackie Coleman, Nabate Isles, Jameson Chandler (trumpets);
Frank Kuumba Lacy, Aaron Johnson (trombones); Art Hirahara, piano;
Wes Brown, bass; royal hartigan (drums and African percussion);
Melanie Dyer, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello.

Fred Ho, a musician of the year and release of year... The New York City Jazz Record.

Releases are now available for download through this site.